BioBizz Light-Mix is BioBizz's basic flagship soil, Light-Mix is excellent for propagation and vegetative growth because it comes only lightly fertilized with an Ec of 1.2. BioBizz Light-Mix is a very flexible soil

    Light-Mix is a generally lighter potting soil for organic gardeners who want to have control over the growing process through the application of liquid fertilizers. Light-Mix comes lightly fertilized at Ec1.2 so it ensures a good plant set, fast development of roots and vigorous new growth. Once plants are established in small pots in Light-Mix you would re-pot them into either BioBizz All-Mix or a custom potting mix of your own concoction for flowering and harvest.

    BioBizz Light-Mix is also great for advanced growers who like a high degree of control over their growing medium as Light-Mix is a really useful base soil that can be combined with other products to create custom potting mixes. Try mixing some of these into your Light-Mix for some interesting results. Worm-Humus / Pre-Mix / Perlite / Vermiculite / Bat Guano. Theres no right or wrong way to make a potting compost but a good base model is that of BioBizz All-Mix which consists of:

    •20% sphagnum peat moss,

    •35% base soil,

    •10% high quality organic worm-humus,

    •30% perlite

    •5% Pre-Mix.

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