Terra Professional Soil Mix comes in two types - an all round pre-fertilised soil and a truly exceptional superior soil growing medium. Specifically designed for use with Terra and Bio Nutrients (although exceptional results can also be achieved using Bio-Bizz nutrients), both of these soil mixes are sure to provide fantastic results for all who use them. Terra Professional is the approximate equivalent of Bio-Bizz All-Mix, having a high nutrient content as well as good structure, aeration and drainage. It is the ideal soil for many growers as little (if any) nutrient is needed until you switch your plants onto a flowering/fruiting light cycle.

    Terra Professional Plus is something quite special that organic connoisseurs and expert growers are sure to love. Made from highest quality white peat and organic bark, Professional Plus has outstanding structure and drainage along with valuable trace elements and chelates to ensure consistently healthy growth. Having no nutrient content means that this media is for more advanced growers who can now tailor their vegetative growth for superior results.

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